Perfectly Positioned for Global Growth

Projecting 3 Million Pound 2019 Harvest

Following a successful 2018 growing season, Hemptown USA is scaling its operation to meet global demand. The company is on track for 2019 revenue (based on 2018 crop yield) of $23 million and is projecting $204 million revenue for 2020.

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A Multi-State Operation

The company is currently growing over 1500 acres in Oregon, Kentucky and Colorado. This distributed production allows for the leverage of superior growing methods/conditions while mitigating risk for weather-related variables.

Diversified Product Line

With an average margin of 76% to 88%, Hemptown USA’s initial products include flower, pre-rolls, biomass, distillate and isolate. Several consumer brands are presently in development with launch dates set for fall 2019.

Premium Genetics

Hemptown USA’s premium genetics allow for unparalleled biomass yielding 12-20% broad spectrum content. This quality leads to increased extraction efficiency and maximum profitability.

Pharmaceutical Approach

Hemptown USA is in the process of acquiring a FDA, cGMP certified facility for the formulation and production of quality consumer-ready products.

Positioned to be the
Largest Producer of CBG
in North America

CBG is the precursor to the main cannabinoids (THCA, CBDA, CBCA) and is commonly known as “The Mother of All Cannabinoids”. Hemptown USA is growing over 500 acres focused exclusively on these rare genetics, and is projecting to control 40% of total North American supply by 2019 Q4.

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